La Piazza Events Village

Where Great Events happen. With a variety of room choices, or room combinations, the La Piazza Event Village can facilitate most weddings, parties, meetings, concerts, performances, conferences, or seminars.  Our venue rental options offer reasonable rates, parking, and we welcome outside catering.

For inquiries:


ARIA Function Room
Size: 80 sqms
Air Conditioned: NO
Flooring: Porcelain Tiles
Capacity: 15-20 persons
Discounted Rate (3hrs): PhP 8,000
In-excess: PhP 1,500/hour


ZOLA Function Rooms
Size: 200 sqms
Air Conditioned: NO
Flooring: Porcelain Tiles
Capacity: 25-30 persons
Discounted Rate (3hrs): PhP 10,000
In-excess: PhP 1,500/hour


La Piazza Garden
A lush covered al fresco split level garden space.
Size: 400 sqms
Air Conditioned: NO
Flooring: Porcelain Tiles
Capacity: 40-90 persons
Discounted Rate (3hrs): PhP 14,400
In-excess: PhP 5,000/hour

Terms & Conditions:

(1) A non-refundable deposit of Eight Thousand Pesos (P8,000.00) is required upon confirmation, which amount shall be deductible from the total contract price; Refundable cash bond of Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00)
(2) Two weeks prior the event date is the signing of contract and the full payment, as the case may be, shall be paid by the CLIENT in Cash or Check; If client fails to settle the amount in the stated scheduled payment, TNAI will imposed a penalty charges for the damages cause.
*** Rates are applicable GCQ Period


 La Piazza Events Village by Albergus - Safety Protocols (GCQ)

  1. Guest list as an IATF requisite for contact tracing (to be submitted 3 days prior the event proper)
  2. Seating Arrangement made by client (same household per table - 5 pax per table, to be submitted 3 days prior the event proper)
  3. Inform clients on our safety protocols (Social Distancing, wearing of Full Face Shields & Face Masks at all times)
  4. Maximum of 3 hours only (no extension even with pay)
  5. Open doors are required, no turning of AC in function rooms like ARIA and ZOLA
  6. Last event can start at 6pm and ends at 9pm, NO extensions allowed
  7. Drinking of alcohol is prohibited
  8. Strictly for intimate gatherings only and no parties allowed
  9. Guests 15 years age below or 65 years old and above are NOT allowed
  10. Albergus has the right to stop the event at anytime,if any SAFETY PROTOCOLS are being violated